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Increasing maternity leave for working women

Increasing maternity leave for working women

According to the public relations of the Management and Planning Organization of the province, Mr. Darvishi, the head of the organization, announced the news and added: According to the administrative and employment organization of the country, maternity leave for singles and twins and more for women working in the public and non-governmental sector will be determined for 9 and 12 months, respectively, with the payment of all related extraordinary expenses.

He added: If the mother requests up to two months of this leave, it can be used in the last months of pregnancy.

The head of the organization also stated that working women who are on twin maternity leave or more when their law has come into force and their children are less than one year old would also benefit from a 12-month break by paying all related benefits. He added: “Previously, the Social Security Organization paid two-thirds of the last wage or salary of the insured, and from the date of implementation of this law, it will be obliged to pay all salaries and benefits subject to pension deduction during maternity leave.”

In the end, he stated: These facilities are in the implementation of paragraph A of Article 17 of the Family Protection and Youth Law approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on October 15 of this year.

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